Description of business

[To Filipino]

",Ltd" is a company that supports applications for visa, visa extension/renewal, document translations, and interpretors for Filipino. We can also offer support regarding any of these issues.



[To Japanese]

If you are interested in Philippines, we can provide you a guide by local staff.



We interpret Tagalog and Bisaya to Japanese or Japanese to Tagalog and Bisaya.

In the past, we have interpreted at immigration offices, police station, hospital, city hall etc.

We have long track record there.

And we can also accompany and interpret if you go to Philippines to work, business and etc.


We translate documents to admit each related to  organizations.

For example, it is necessary to submit your birth certificate or marriage contract (English to Japanese) when you apply for visa, visa extension or renewal. 

We can also translate Koseki-Tohon (Japanese to English). It  depends on your request.


We offer advice about applying short term visa, long term visa, visa extension or renewal.

In the past, our company's results were the best in Hamamatsu-city Shizuoka.